Foods That Help Remove Or Lessen Teeth Staining

lime There are many, many over the counter teeth whiteners on the shelf for the consumer use. Cosmetic dentistry offers various professional applications that can cost anywhere from$300 and on up. There are herbal remedies for whiter teeth. Can foods actually help remove or lessen teeth staining? It is hard to imagine and certainly sounds unreasonable that foods, which can cause tooth stains, can help in its prevention.

The first thing I should have to point out is that the same foods, which cause staining, do not help with teeth whitening. However, some foods can aid in different aspects of dental hygiene, cleaning and whitening. It is probable that this was a type of natural dental hygiene used before society had toothbrushes and toothpaste. Food was one of nature's ways of helping us to take care of our health and have white teeth.

I can hear your asking. What foods? Well, there is chewing gum, celery, cucumbers, broccoli, strawberries, lemon, chocolate, green leafy vegetables, pineapple and popcorn. Then there are things we use frequently but do not  actually ingest like baking soda, salt, and drinking water. The foods act as a toothbrush, giving the teeth somewhat of a cleaning. Lemon is natural bleach. Water and lemon water are similar in nature to mouthwash. None of these is substitutes for proper dental hygiene but will help us to maintain our efforts to keep our teeth white. What good does it do someone to go through the trouble of topical or professional teeth whitening if we let one meal destroy all our hard work? I actually know an individual who keeps a bottle of water with her at all times and one of the reasons she gives is to be able to rinse her mouth as needed.

It is hard to speak about foods as a way to whiten teeth without speaking about remedies such as herbs, minerals and enzymes. I know these are not foods per say, but, they are nutritional essentials and nonessentials. Calcium, magnesium and vitamin C are essential for bone and tooth health as well as the cell structure. The vitamin B complex especially B1 is important. They even sell B1 ampoules to whiten the teeth. Of course, some of these remedies also help with healthy gums; dental pain and germicidal like clove oil and salt to name a couple.

With the consumption of these foods and the intake of vitamins, minerals and water, does that mean we do not have to brush daily? Will these measures keep our teeth pretty and white? I would not count on it. Maybe one would be wise to consider these with good dental hygiene. Do not go through the trouble and expense of teeth whitening procedures to let neglect undo the effort.

To keep your white teeth, do you have to carry around a lunchbox of food, water and chewing gum? Water is not usually a bad thing to have handy and is certainly portable with disposable bottles. Chewing gum is easy to carry and easy enough to pop a piece in your mouth after eating. Both water and chewing gum would be useful when there is a long period between brushing. Remember, cavity prevention and good dental health is essential to maintain white teeth. Regardless of what you do to keep your teeth, white, proper dental hygiene is of most importance.

Whiter teeth can be yours to have and to keep. Eat properly. Get your daily calcium vitamins and minerals. Drink your water especially after eating a meal. Last but most important, use proper dental hygiene methods every day. Do not neglect your dental health!

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Source: EzineArticles