Work Mechanism of Invisalign

invisalign Over the years, there are so many advances in technology that occurred, and this also affects the health and industrial equipment in dentistry. When raised the question of technological advances in the field of dentistry, we may talking about "Invisalign", a form of technological progress which is very influential for orthodontic treatment (tooth alignment). Invisalign is one of the most modern way which is used by a dentist or orthodontist to help patients who have malocclusion problems or where the misalign of teeth. The process involves differents way for each patient, and have some "aligners" (tool to align the tooth). Aligners are made specifically for each patient and made of plastic sheets that do not look that comfortable to use and very smooth.

How Invisalign works.  Aligners are required to be worn every day by the patient and it will help to gradually move teeth to a desired position. With the help of a dentist or orthodontist then  will be able to plan where your teeth will be moved. Actual benefits to be gained from this Invisalign is that patients do not have to worry about having to use a metal bracket and the wire in the oral cavity as used by most people today. This because the information heard from people who use braces is the presence of discomfort when there are brackets and wires that exist in the oral cavity. Also found trouble when every week should make adjustments or activation to the dentist for teeth to move, especially if you eat with braces with brackets. If using Invisalign, then these problems will not be found anymore because patients can simply put the aligners every two weeks and wait for the tooth movement that occurred.

Patients will routinely use some new aligners every week until the full treatment ends. During this period, the patient can release the aligner at any time to clean it up so the patient can clean teeth with a toothbrush or dental floss (dental floss). Patients also can eat whatever food that he/she want without having to worry about food debris will get caught in between teeth. These advantages provide comfort and ease during the process of tooth movement in progress.

One advantage of Invisalign is that all people will not know if the patient is currently in the process of straighten teeth. Because the materials used in the form of a colored plastic sheet is clear then people will not find large brackets or wires that are quite disturbing. This is one way that can be done if you want to improve the composition of the misalignment teeth without having to draw the attention of people around. Patients can feel comfortable and more confident to smile without use of devices such as orthodontic brackets.