Tips For Whitening Yellow Teeth

how-to-whiten-your-teethAn excellent tip to look younger is teeth whitening. With the passage of time and food intake, the teeth are turning yellow. What to do to solve this problem? Then we will see some home tips to whiten yellow teeth look better.

At first, find out what causes the darkening of the teeth. Determine what causes the yellow or stain is most important, because once identified can initiate appropriate treatment.

Reduce consumption of coffee, tea, red wine, curry and, of course, cigarettes . This found that coffee and other foods, and even more cigarettes, increase the formation of stains and yellow teeth.

Brush your teeth with toothpaste. While toothpaste shows its results in the medium term, its use will gradually whiten teeth. One downside of these is that they can weaken the tooth enamel, so you have to avoid using pastes that are too abrasive. Always look at the composition the amount of abrasive in it. And if the paste used Calprox, instead of an abrasive, it would be much better.

Use dental gums. Dental gums cleared spots on the teeth, causing no damage. And the recommendation in this case is to use it after eating or drinking, and preferably with a whitening toothpaste.

Use baking soda to seasons. For example, every 2 or 3 months, you should rinse your mouth, a couple of weeks, with sodium bicarbonate, contributing to the bleaching of the teeth. However, it is not convenient to use permanently since they may be too abrasive for gums and teeth themselves.