Gum Disease Cause Factor

There are various causes of gum disease or common called periodontal disease. We know this as "Pyoria". Better you should know this for your step guidance how to earlier prevent this disease. If you do not have gum problem maybe you can say, I don’t need to know about the causes of gum disease. But, if you own the gum problem you must know why this can happen to you

Several factors that may causes gum disease are :

1) Incorrect or even insufficient home treatment. Maybe you do not take care of your own body, it means you do not brush your teeth or doing flossing everyday. If you are in home it does not you do not watch your body health.

2) Not visiting dental professional or dental care hygienist regularly. Although you make dental treatment in home perfectly, you can not make  a thorough treatment. You always need a dentist to help you find if there are serious problem in your mouth

3) Hereditary disposition. This particular doesn't imply that in case your mother and father dropped their own teeth, you'll shed your own teeth. This particular simply indicates you have to be conscious that you're possible having gum disease or periodontal disease. So, try to know how about your fathers and mothers gum, if they have gum disease too you should be careful about your gum

4) bad habits, for example cigarette smoking. This habit can speed up the actual gum disease. So try to stop smoking. If you do not stop then just wait bad thing that can happen in your mouth. Maybe you will loose your tooth

The majority of gum disease that captured earlier is extremely very easily handled. It might need a heavy periodontal cleansing as well as periodontal surgical treatment.

Mouth Cancer Can Result from Oral Sex

Oral sex known to be one cause of mouth cancer. It is found to be more susceptible on young boys and girls, and if you are parents of your son and girls you must watch out.

There are increasing in occurence of mouth cancer in young boyand girls, it is connected to strain of virus called human papilloma virus or HPV. This virus can transmitted in oral sex via throat and saliva. If your boys and girls do not careful, it means they possible get this.

Some facts in USA have shown as that there are shocking fact that increasing about 200 % HPV Virus cases. Not just in USA but it happen in Australia, UK, and Scandinavia too. One way that parents can do to prevent this disease is try to give their boys and girls some HPV vaccine. It will make your boys resistants to HPV, and for young girls it is to prevent her from getting cervical cancer, because by doing some sex in vaginal they can get HPV Virus.

Pain Sensation in Mouth Sores

Have you ever felt pain sensation in your mouth, if yes maybe you suffering mouth sores, wound that can appear on outside or inside of mouth. It feels very pain, and sometimes its filled with fluid, in terms of dentistry oral lesions with the presence of fluid called a vesicle, it can also namely as a bulla. Differences names are present on how large the size. If the size of the so-called bull and if small is called vesicles.

So what was the cause? Typically this oral lesions are associated with the normal flow of saliva which helps protect the mouth tissue, if there are sores in mouth it means there has been interference with the normal flow of saliva. Where is known that one of the salivary function is to regularly wet the soft tissues of the oral cavity including the lips and other soft tissues.

Mouth sores are also commonly referred to fever blisters. If you hear the term fever,then you will be connecting with cold, meaning fever blisters caused by fever or cold. If you take a conclusion like that then you are wrong. Although indeed fevers or cold can trigger fever blisters, but it is not a cause, indirectly.

Fever blisters have relationships with several types of viruses that are transmitted through kissing, shared utensils, or another contacts. Usually more people use OTC creams to relieve pain caused by fever blisters, and is believed to accelerate healing process.

If you find a mouth sores problem and after you try to treat it does not recover, then you should consult with a health practitioner such as a dentist. They will help you overcome the problem, because it was more likely lead to oral cancer.

2 Layers That Protect Our Teeth

Did you know that teeth are composed of two protective layer that serves as a shield. The first layer is called enamel layer, which is at the outermost position. This layer can you see directly while the second layer is a layer called dentin. This layer can not be directly seen by the eye. Enamel layer has a composition that hard while the layer of dentine has a softer nature.

So what happens if a layer of protective such as enamel that you have broken or worn? Possible damaged layer is made possible by enamel because of some things such as incorrect brush your teeth. Enamel part is located with the tooth root will thin out and disappear. Bruxism also may lead to depletion of the layer of enamel, because the tooth on upper jaw and lower jaw will be exposed and erode each other so that the layer can undergo rapid wear.

If the enamel layer worn or damaged then a layer of dentin therein will be visible and exposed. Dentin layer serves to protect the soft pulp therein is composed of nervous system. And if at some point a layer of dentin also were damaged it would lead to exposure of the pulp chamber. Therefore we can conclude that unlicensed dental protective layer is very important to keep our existence.

If the protective layer such as dentin has been opened or exposed to outside air then there is the possibility that you will experience sensitive teeth. When you consume hot or cold food you will feel your teeth are aching. This is caused by the pulp chamber that contains nerve will transmit a sense of pain sensations to the brain caused by external stimuli in the form of cold or hot conditions. In the world of dentistry sensitive teeth also called sensitive dentin. If you get a protective layer of tooth function then you will be far from toothache or cavities. And if you have symptoms of sensitive teeth then it is a sign that there is a layer damaged on your teeth.