Mouth Cancer Can Result from Oral Sex

Oral sex known to be one cause of mouth cancer. It is found to be more susceptible on young boys and girls, and if you are parents of your son and girls you must watch out.

There are increasing in occurence of mouth cancer in young boyand girls, it is connected to strain of virus called human papilloma virus or HPV. This virus can transmitted in oral sex via throat and saliva. If your boys and girls do not careful, it means they possible get this.

Some facts in USA have shown as that there are shocking fact that increasing about 200 % HPV Virus cases. Not just in USA but it happen in Australia, UK, and Scandinavia too. One way that parents can do to prevent this disease is try to give their boys and girls some HPV vaccine. It will make your boys resistants to HPV, and for young girls it is to prevent her from getting cervical cancer, because by doing some sex in vaginal they can get HPV Virus.