Replace Your Damage Teeth with Dental Implant

dental implant picture Dental implants are titanium material which is shaped like a tooth root. This materials have been clinically tested on biocompatibility to the human body including inside of oral cavity. These are available in various shapes and sizes and an option to replace missing or damaged teeth.

Dental implants is a way to replace the function of natural teeth with artificial teeth. It is done in the alveolar bone (jaw bone), namely as a substitute for natural tooth roots and will stick with the bone occurs osseointegration (implant integrates with the bone). Implant is the only way that could replace the function of natural teeth. Those who choose to put teeth in this way are usually people who have started to complain at the time of eating and started to feel uncomfortable.

How do dental implants work? It is artificial roots that are planted into the bone to replace natural tooth roots that lost or damaged. Strong bond is formed between the implant and bone after a few weeks or months. It is a firm foundation for crown of teeth. It is basically have two-stage process. The first stage, is the installation of the implant itself, then, after integrate in the jaw bone of patients, the following step is the installation of fake teeth.

How many dental implants that can be replaced? Dental implants could be applied to substitute single tooth, a lot of teeth or full of mouth.

What are the benefits of dental implants? Dental implants are almost like original teeth in terms of visual aspect, comfort and functionality such as talk and masticate, teeth are supported by this don't change during use, reduce the chance of bone shrinking, no effect on healthy teeth located next to them, maintain facial features and appearance