Prevent Teeth Staining

prevent tooth stainEveryone wants a great smile. Healthy, nice teeth are very important in today's society. They could land you the job of your dreams, or even that dream date. So how do you prevent stains on your teeth? There are many factors that cause your teeth to look yellow and unattractive.

The number one reason for stained teeth is tobacco. Whether you chew or smoke it will leave your teeth looking yellow, and these stains are very hard to remove. Other culprits are soda, coffee, teas. Colored juices, red wines, blueberries and curry powder are other causes. Anything that will stain your carpet will stain your teeth as well.

Another cause of teeth becoming yellow is aging. As you age the enamel on your teeth becomes worn down. Enamel is the other layering on your teeth that protects them. When this is worn down, the yellowish tint then shows through.
You can prevent the stains from happening by brushing two to three times a day, using an electric toothbrush is more effective than a manual toothbrush. Brushing your teeth too hard will damage your enamel, so make sure you are only doing enough to get your teeth clean and not over doing it.

Flossing is important as well. If you look at a stained tooth you will notice that at the edges that is where the most staining is. This is because plaque sits between the teeth and the bacteria just keeps building. By limiting plaque buildup you are limiting stains as well.

Like mentioned before, the number one reason of stained teeth is smoking. So if you want to get rid of those yellow tints quit smoking. If you don't only want to quit it for a great smile do it for your health.

When drinking a beverage like soda or juice that can stain your teeth try using a straw. This will eliminate the direct staining to your teeth. If you're drinking coffee or tea, try only doing it in a sitting compared to sipping throughout the day. Make sure after drinking these beverages you brush your teeth. If you cannot brush your teeth at that time, then try to rinse your mouth.

Having a regular check up from your dentist is key in maintaining white healthy teeth. Dentists have the special tools to remove stains and plaque build up that sit on your teeth. Do not try to use your own methods to clean your teeth. You dentist can also use bleaching methods that are effective in just one visit. Using baking soda can scratch your teeth making it easier to produce a stain.

If you want to try to remove stains yourself, make sure with your dentist it is safe. You can try using products such as teeth whitener and stain removing toothpastes. You can also try Crest White Strips MultiCare. This product is great and only takes 5 minutes. These strips are also great for sensitive teeth, and you will see results in less than a week!

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