Tooth Stains - Top 3 Beverage Causes of Yellow, Brown and Purple Teeth

tooth stain A dazzling bright smile radiates warmth and vitality. Someone with clean white teeth exudes an aura of success, vigour, happiness and intelligence. Conversely, discoloured or stained teeth give its wearer a bad impression. Did you know that your daily beverage choices may be the cause of ugly tooth stains? We look at the top 3 enemies of white teeth that are residing in your kitchen pantry.

Coffee is a daily aromatic addiction for many people. Apart from its intense flavour and aroma, the distinctive dark color is a key attribute of coffee. In fact, a 16th century German physician, Leonhard Rauwolf, famously dubbed it "a beverage as black as ink". It should therefore come as no surprise that this dark beverage is a top enemy of white teeth. Usually drunk piping hot, aficionados sip on coffee slowly. During such leisurely interludes, your teeth are bathed in the dark beverage. Repeated over weeks and months, coffee devotees soon develop a brownish-hued coffee smile, especially on their upper front teeth.

Tea is favourite beverage for many people around the world. Steeped in hot water, tea leaves impart a slightly bitter and astringent taste to the brew. Not all teas are created equally. Where tooth staining prowess is concerned, the fermented black tea trumps the steamed green tea by a mile! The difference lies in the fermentation process , whereby enzymes oxidize the tea leaves and turn them brown. Green tea becomes as black tea after going through this process, the black tea brew is typically amber in color. It is the preferred choice in North America and most western nations. Regular sipping of the flavourful black tea allows the dark pigments to transfer onto your teeth.

Red wine -- ah... that intoxicating sweetness in a bottle. Yes, this fermented grape juice has its legions of fans, who shell out top dollars for the heady pleasure it affords. Think of red wine, and it conjures images of classy dinners, glamorous functions and fun wine-tasting sessions with friends and family. But, wine-lovers know a darker side to their indulgence - purple teeth, more befitting of Count Dracula. The red dye from the grape skin color your teeth, lips, and tongue purple. The wine sugars work in concert to make the sticky mess adhere to all nooks and crannies within its contact. Obviously, this purple sight can be embarrassing in social gatherings, and models have found a device way to get around the problem. A light coat of vaseline on their teeth and lips before drinking red wine, and viola... the problem is solved! (I'm not sure how safe or practical that is for your daily tipple, though...)

Well, we've clued you in on the top 3 offenders, in terms of tooth-staining beverages. Are you guilty of frequent indulgences in these liquids? Well, studies have quoted some amazing health-boosting benefits of coffee, tea and red wine. And we know it's hard to kick a dietary habit. You probably love the taste of these beverages too much to give them up, regardless of your brown, yellow, purple, multi-colored smile. Fret not, most of these tooth discolorations can be minimized and reversed through good oral hygiene practices and tooth whitening

Brush and gargle your teeth often, and reduce your consumption of these staining beverages, if you can. When the tooth stains become too obvious, and start to bother you, there are a whole host of tooth whitening options in the market. Just be careful of the hype and false promises out there, and learn to discern the lies from the facts. Your teeth are a precious asset. Take care of them well!

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