What is Denture?

Denture is fake teeth that usually made from plastic. It is use to replace the missing teeth that cause by accident or aging. Dentures are the best solution from many ways to replace the teeth. Many people think that they will need dentures when they lose their teeth, but actually losing teeth is not cause by aging. In fact, if you take care your teeth well and protect it from some kind of disease; you are able to have your strong teeth for a lifetime.

Get a few natural teeth is better than losing all of them. Natural teeth can help you to keep the bone in your jaw stay active. They can be function to supports over denture. You should try to save many of your natural teeth as you can. You can get dentures in complete part or buy it in partial. The complete dentures are design for people who have lost all of their natural teeth. Not only using dentures, they can have more support material by implant more material in the bone beneath the denture to make it stronger. On the other hand, the partial dentures are used to replace few of natural teeth that lost. They attach this denture nearby the natural teeth.