A Good Dentist

Dentist is a doctor that specialist on the oral health, like teeth and mouth. Dentist also check the mouth condition as well, not only that, dentist also give advice to take care the teeth as well. Dentist will provide the right information about many things that people should do or avoid. Their job is remove the teeth decay, pull of the unhealthy teeth and many more. They also do the gums operation if there is an infection and create the dentures model that patient wants. Dentists will give the right prescriptions for the right medicine that people need.
Dentist applies variety of equipment in their daily practice, such as, drills, teeth brush, mouth mirror, scalpers, and probe. They also use the high-tech equipment, like laser and digital scanners to help the patient. The mist important equipment is mask and glove; dentist must and give it to the patient to avoid the infection. Usually dentist only work 4-5 days every week in the evening or morning. They work in a special room that 100% sterile; if they need an operation they will need a bigger room and assistant help.
The most important is a dentist must have a diagnostic ability and special skill in teeth. They also must have good eye to see the small thing. Dentist should have good communication with the patient, so that the patient fell enjoy.