Do not lick your lips when you have angular cheilitis

angular cheilitis, also known as angular stomatitis or cheilitis is a skin condition that involves the appearance of some cracks in the skin, especially in the corners of the mouth and the skin around the mouth. These cracks grow more and more and over time can even begin to bleed and become sore.

There are two main causes outside of this diseasemay appear. The first is due to the existence of some skin creases around the mouth that favor the accumulation of saliva and sweat. Both these fluids contain bacteria while saliva and sweat on the skin depth, bacteria and fungi begin to affect the layers of the skin as well, and slowly begin to develop and grow in number until it reaches angular cheilitis its full form.

Another cause is angular cheilitis causes chapped lips. These usually occur when exposed to cold temperatures, without any protection or not sufficiently hydrated. When the lips are cracked, most people start to lick them in the hope of providing some relief from the pain and at the same time, moisturize the area, reducing the effects of chapped lips. However, licking his lips are cracked when the worst thing you can do. First, because saliva is not a great moisturizer and what it will not only increase the damage caused by the cold. Besides that, in our mouths there are billions of bacteria that can be transferred, along with the saliva in the cracks of chapped lips, giving a hand to the development and rapid evolution of angular cheilitis.

Therefore, if your lips are cracked or see the first signs of cheilosis in the area around the lips and is tempted to lick, to refrain from doing that! Only make the condition worse. Instead, try to keep a lip balm with you during the cold season and use them when you feel your lips need hydration. This will help prevent the onset of angular cheilitis or lessen its effects (if already appeared on the skin). It will provide relief and keep the skin of the lips and all healthy and moisturized, helping to cope more effectively with any skin condition that can occur even angular cheilitis.

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