Tips How to Keep Shining Your Smiles

smile picture Visits to the dentist in regular basis is a good thing, but your dentist can only do half of what must be done to maintain your oral health. Finally, you and your dentist must work together to get your healthy teeth.

It is very easy. Everyone knows usefulness caring your oral health: you will get  stronger teeth, healthier gum (gingiva)  and the dentist bill is lower. It means, if you care for your oral health then you need not more visit to the dentist. 

In addition, the evidence also shows that oral disease can cause other general health problems, like headaches. "The combination of a healthy diet and proper dental care can help maintain the brilliance of a smile," said Miles Hall, National Director of Dental Health in Dental Health CIGNA. Hall suggests the following tips:

  1. Limit sugar and starch. Sugar produce acids that attach to the plaque, a sticky coating that forms on your teeth, destroy tooth enamel and cause damage. To neutralize this acid, try eating a little cheese, Cheddar, Monterey Jack or Swiss, which will stimulate saliva production.
  2. Prepare your self, you must eat fresh fruits, vegetables and grain products (whole-grain).
  3. Avoid sweet and mint candy that must you consume long in the mouth.
  4. Make sure you drink water in significant amounts to break down and avoid acid attacks.
  5. Use a fluoride toothpaste.
  6. Brush your teeth for 3 minutes at least twice a day and always before bed because while you sleep, your mouth produces less saliva is only useful to destroy bacteria.
  7. Use a fluffy tooth brush and replace every three to four months - more quickly when the brush has begun to damage.
  8. Clean your teeth every day. Toothbrush can not clean between the teeth, so after the last piece of the pie, use floss or toothpicks special.
  9. Visit your dentist regularly. Schedule a visit twice a year to your dentist will reduce levels of damage caused by the accumulation of tartar.
  10. Identification of minor problems at an early stage will prevent the hole or gum disease.
  11. Protect your teeth. Do not chew ice cubes or popcorn seeds. Do not use your teeth as tools.
  12. Avoid tobacco - it can cause gum disease.