Long-Term Use of Mouthwash Related to Mouth Cancer

Using mouthwash without clear rules according to some studies can lead to increased risk for oral cancer or mouth cancer. Therefore, use of mouthwash should follow the rules and regulations recommended by your doctor or dentist.

Some indication of use of mouthwash that has been known to is to prevent infections or disorders in the oral cavity like inflammation, but it was found that in addition to the beneficial use of this turned out it also has negative effect of the occurrence of carcinoma oral cavity.

Some research supports the claim that mouthwash is used in the long term may increase the risk of oral cancer. This can happen if you use a lot of mouthwash that contains material from alcohol. You can have up to nine times the risk if you use it in the long term. Therefore, if you want to use mouthwash, you should use not in long term even though we had known the health benefits of mouthwash like prevent formation of dental plaque and gum inflammation.

Therefore, the health practitioners (doctor, dentist) suggest recommendations for using mouthwash as an additional function or as a complement to perform perfect oral health care. Not too often to be used. The main action oral and dental health care major, such as brushing teeth and using dental floss should be a priority. You can only count mouthwash as a complement for excellent teeth and mouth health.