Laser in Dentistry

laser dentistryThere are many ways that we can do to treat patients in the field of dentistry. Among of them are using the latest technology for perfection that we do care. It is known that the sophistication factor means dentistry is now very good with high precision and accuracy to eat almost all the work associated with the treatment can be more easily done and faster in time. Type of treatment that is free from pain one of the main expected from the patient. Advances in dentistry today has started to become reality in the form of laser dentistry.

Currently there are two types of lasers in the field of dentistry, namely:

  1. Soft tissue laser and. Enabled the dentist to destroy bacteria in the pocket. This will speed up the healing of pocket and make treatment more predictable. This allows excessive gums must be removed with a gentle way before a new crown placed. The upside is leading to increased crown better match. This can be used to treat herpes cold sores or lesions. It’s can also be used to help stop the bleeding after teeth extraction .
  2. Hard tissue laser. A hard tissue laser enabled the dentist to work on the teeth or bone with a much more controlled and gentle compared with the use of a scalpel or a drill. This is in addition to the same capacity with soft tissue laser