Conventional Dentures vs. Immediate Dentures - A Comparison

denture picture Dentures are another form of tooth replacement procedure, wherein missing or lost teeth that formerly left gaps and spaces in the mouth are replaced, allowing patients the benefits of a complete smile and fully functioning teeth. It is important to note that poor dental hygiene, not devoting proper attention and care to gum and periodontal disease, and poor eating habits may all contribute to the loss of one’s teeth. Dentures may be full sets of teeth or partial in nature, with only the lost teeth being replaced. Unlike fixed forms of replacement teeth such as crowns and bridges, dentures are removable.

Conventional, complete dentures are quickly becoming outdated, though the process is still occasionally used. With the conventional denture method, the patient’s remaining teeth are first removed, leaving the mouth completely empty. This period may last up to three months, while the patient’s mouth and gum tissues are given time to heal completely. After this time has elapsed, the dentist fabricates a set of dentures, and fits them to the patient’s mouth.

Immediate dentures are used much more often. Chief among the benefits of immediate dentures is that they are delivered the same day the patient visits the dental office. After this immediate delivery, your dentist will fit the dentures to your mouth. Since you may be experiencing some soreness in your gum tissues, which may not be fully healed at this point, your dentist may advise you that your adjustment to the new dentures will take time. Further, the stability of the dentures will be complete once these gum tissues have healed.

The main benefit of the immediate dentures when compared to the conventional dentures is the fact that the patient’s mouth is never without teeth. The immediate denture may be complete or partial, will often be fabricated during multiple visits to the dentist before it is placed, and can be set into place in the spaces left behind by missing teeth. Natural teeth that need to be replaced will first be removed in order to place the partial dentures.

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