The Best Teeth Whitening Products for a Small Budget

Not everyone can afford the big bucks celebrities spend on teeth whitening treatments. And that's ok. There are plenty of less expensive options available. In this article you'll learn about the best teeth whitening products for those of us with smaller budgets.

The first step to finding the right product is to decide on a method. There are three general methods, each with a variety of products available. The most common whitening methods are: professional teeth whitening, home teeth whitening, and natural teeth whitening.

Professional, or dentist, teeth whitening is anything but inexpensive (though prices have come down in recent years) so we can basically scratch that idea before we begin. Which leaves us with at home treatments and natural techniques. Each have some great options that are affordable, so we'll focus on them.

Natural Teeth Whitening Products

Natural whitening techniques are the most affordable, but typically don't have as much success as the home treatments. Natural methods can be done at home but differ because they involve using ordinary household ingredients or implementing small changes in regular hygiene habits.

An example of a solid natural teeth whitening treatment is using baking soda and peroxide to brush with on a semi-regular basis. It should not be done all the time, but brushing with a solution made of those chemicals for a two week period will help restore some brightness to your smile. Then take a few months off to let your teeth recover and try it again. After a few cycles you will notice a difference. The best part? The total cost for this treatment is less than $20 for 2-3 cycles.

Some other natural methods involve using a special toothpaste ($3-5), chewing sugarless, whitening gum ($1-2) and keeping your mouth as clean as possible as often as you can using water to rinse, eating crunchy veggies, and flossing regularly. For hardly any money at all you can slowly whiten your teeth naturally.

Home Teeth Whitening

If time is a concern for you and money is not quite as tight, you may want to look into home whitening kits. Although they are more expensive than some of the natural methods, they are not nearly as costly as professional treatments.

There are hundreds of different brands available for home treatments, but the basic product types are whitening strips or gel trays. For the most part, every different product type falls into one of these two categories.Choosing a product will depend on your preference and which brand works best for you.They can be purchased for anywhere from $10 to $100, which can be a bit pricey, but is still a bargain compared to the costly $300-$1000 you'd spend for professional treatments.

The success rate of a home whitening product is highly dependent on the patient. what works for some may not work for all. It's important to be patient also, because most products will take some time before you'll be able to see results. Thankfully, because of their lower prices, if you are unhappy with the first product you try, it won't cost too much to try another. Once you've found one that works for you, remember it and use it again when your results start to fade.

To learn more about the best teeth whitening products that you can buy on a limited budget, as well as other natural teeth whitening techniques, be sure to visit Best Teeth Whitening Options.